Name: Chris

Location: Tennessee

Occupation: Naturalist / Educator

Experience: Professionally, 5 years. Amateur(ally?), a lot.

Education: B.S. in Conservation Biology, Graduate Certificate in Environmental Education, Currently pursuing a Master Arts in Education


The vast majority of my life has been involved in studying the outdoors in one aspect or another. From the family camping trips crossing state lines and time zones, to helping students see a salamander for the first time, it’s been a ride.

My passion is sharing this exciting, awesome, and occasionally confusing world with anyone I can reach. Fortunately, my career does allow for a lot of talk of insects and their bizarre yet spectacular existences. But for those other things that don’t get brought up enough, or I can’t seem to quite squeeze into a class that should probably be about geology and not entomology, there is this blog.

It’s going to be a predominately a mix of entomology and education, though that may change as this creature gets acclimated to it’s new environment (or dies. Who knows.). My goal here is to present information in a way that most anyone from a typical fourth or fifth grader to an adult who knows more than me can understand what I’m talking about and can share it in a way that’s simple, straightforward, and not equipment intensive.

I love a good pheromone trap survey as much as the next guy, but most people can’t afford to do that. Most people, however, can afford a piece of paper or maybe even a whiteboard.

So don’t just learn, share. I’ll try to have references or further readings wherever I can. Long live learning!



If you have something specific you want addressed, let me know.